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Summer is just about here! Very exciting to have some warm, sunny weather. With that being said let's go over some tips to keep your hair at its best during these next summer months!

For anyone who has had a color service. From brunettes to blondes to reds and all colors of the rainbow! If your hair has been colored these tips are for you!

The sun will lighten our natural hair, so that means it can lighten artificially colored hair as well. Some of us might not mind getting some natural brightening from the sun, while other colors we want to keep as rich and true to tone as possible.

Beach & Pool days

I advise not dunking into the pool or ocean. The reason being chlorine can strip off natural oils from the hair leaving it dry and brittle. Regular exposure to chlorine can make your hair highly porous and can weaken the hair strands resulting in split ends. Chlorine can change the color of your hair, especially blondes adding a green or blue tinge to it.

If you must take the plunge in a tip that can help create a barrier is actually wetting your hair before and applying a leave in conditioner to the hair. My favorite leave in conditioners are:

  • Amika intense moisture leave-in conditioner

  • Its a 10 Leave in conditioner

Hair Extension Tips for Summer:

For those with extensions I STRONGLY advise NO pool or ocean. It can cause extreme matting and damage the quality of the hair extensions.

Avoid the Spray Sunscreen, it can cause unwanted warmth to blonde extensions, meaning a yellow orange tinge.

Hats are your hairs best friend when under the sun!


Summer Humidity can bring unruly, frizzy hair. Frizz happens when the level of humidity is greater in the air than the level of water in your hair.

Favorite Frizz control products-

Moroccan oil shampoo & Conditioner

Color Wow- Dream coat spray (apply generously on clean damp hair before blowdrying)

Amika Velveteen Dream smoothing balm

washing hair in cool water helps with frizz along with color retention!


Well I hope you have a great summer filled with sunny days and great hair! Don't forget that cute floppy beach hat!


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